English GCSE / A Level Private Tuition

English Tuition Services for Secondary, GCSE, A-Level and University Students

We all know how competitive academic education has become. Whether you are in high school or in a university, English is one of the most important subjects of the curriculum. As a student, you obviously want good grades. A high grade in English will be a superb stepping stone for your future academic and non-academic life.

Whether it is understanding Shakespeare’s poetry or improving essay writing skills, my English language tutoring service can help you in many different aspects. It will not only improve your chances of getting good grades in English but will also enhance your communication skills. Let us take a look at some of the many benefits of hiring me as your English tutor:

Benefits of Having My English Tuition Services

Here’s why you choose me as your English teacher:

  • I Have My Own Material

I understand what works best for my students. With years of experience of teaching tuitions, I have complied my own material that is relevant and easy to understand. I share my notes and guide my students in every step of the way.

  • I Set Clear Goals and Objectives

One of the most serious concerns for students taking exams is that they cannot set goals and objectives for themselves. As a professional English teacher, I will not only set realistic goals, but will also help students achieve them. Having clear-cut goals in mind, my students perform better.

  • I Teach Vital Study Skills and Techniques

Being the master of my subject, I also share my experience with students. I give them important instructions and strategies to study and tackle different types of questions. The students benefit greatly from my expertise.

  • I Tailor My Teaching Approach

I understand that each of my students has different needs and learning styles. Right from the very beginning, I try to assess what works best for each student and then devise a plan of action. I can also change my teaching methodology for difficult topics. This thorough approach has given my students extraordinary results in their exams.

  • I Build Confidence In My Students

I understand that my students may be asked to deliver presentations regularly. I tell them effective presentation tips and build their confidence by having them practise. This ensures that my students are not only good learners, but also good speakers.

  • I Provide My Students With Motivation To Study

No matter how genius or talented a kid is, the results will not follow until he/she is willing to work hard. I have the necessary skills to liven up my subject. With interesting real life examples and engaging teaching methodology, I make sure that my students are motivated to learn more.

  • I Inculcate Core Life Skills

I understand that getting good grades are important but my strategy is above grades. I have always wanted my students to be better thinkers. From communicating effectively to learning to ask the right questions, my students learn invaluable life lessons from me.