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GCSE / A Level Tuition
GCSE / A Level Tuition

Coursework / GCSE / A-Level English Tutor

Whether you are in high school or looking to go to college or university, English is one of the most important subjects of the curriculum. As a student, you obviously want great grades. A top grade or distinction in English would be a superb stepping stone for your future academic and non-academic life and as a proven, experienced and qualified English tutor I can help you achieve your goal.

Whether it is understanding course work, improving writing skills or having the services of an expert English language tutor you will find I can cater for all skill levels from basic tuition, GCSE and A-level. The tuition I offer will not only improve your chances of getting good grades but will also enhance your communication skills and all-round English knowledge.

Benefits of Hiring Naomi Porter English Tuition Services

Many studies have shown that tutors can enhance the performance of students in exams. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Experienced English Tutor with Own Materials
    As an experienced teacher I know what works best for each type of student and work to their strengths. Your tutoring coursework and materials will have been prepared well in advance so no time is wasted helping you on your way.
  • Clear Goals and Objectives
    One of the most serious concerns for some students taking exams is that they find is difficult to set realistic goals and objectives for themselves. A professional English teacher I will not only help them set realistic goals, but will also help each student achieve them.

My GCSE / A-Level English Tutoring Approach

As a professional English tutor I can assure the student a warm, cheerful welcome, with good listening skills and an awareness that each student has a different learning style I can tailor a personal tutoring course specifically to help them achieve their goal quickly. My teaching will be concentrated on encouraging you to learn in a context that is supportive, respectful and enabling.

I review power-point presentations during sessions and go through past papers/exercises with students. I am very exam-focused (when appropriate) but sometimes I also supply extra important insights on the subject from, for example, an industry/commercial perspective. I can also provide extra feedback and homework via email. I can also mark homework/assignments out of session times.

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