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The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for foreign students. According to the UK Council for International Student Affairs, there were around 436,585 foreign students coming to UK for higher studies in the session 2014-15. This is surely a huge number and makes learning English all the more important. Let us take a look at why you should choose English as a foreign language and what benefits you can have by taking a professional English tuition service.

Why English?
In this globalised era, knowing a second language is an invaluable asset. If you have a native language that is not English, learning English may be the best thing you can do for your future. Here’s why you should learn English:

•    It is Spoken All over the World
English is not only the language of British anymore. It has become a global phenomenon. If a Japanese and Italian communicate, they will most probably do it in English. It is the official language of 60 of the world’s 196 countries. Although it is second when it comes to the number of speakers (Chinese is number 1), it is obviously very difficult to ignore English as it is the language of diplomacy.

•    Most of the World’s Knowledge Is in English
From books to webpages, most of the world’s knowledge is in English. Most research articles, news reports and even movies are also in English. It seems like you will be missing out on a lot of interesting stuff if you do not know English.

•    It Is Easy To Learn
With simple alphabets, short words and straightforward plurals, English is also one of the easiest languages to learn for a foreign student. All it takes is a few months of hard work and effort, and you will be speaking like a native.

Benefits of Taking a Professional Tuition Service
Courses such as English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) are all programmes designed to teach English to non-native speakers. To enhance your English speaking and writing skills, you must consider taking the services of a skilled English tutor. Here are some of the advantages you get from learning English from an expert:

•    Access to Education and Research Opportunities
Most of the world’s top universities offer courses in English. So if you want to study in a highly-ranked university or publish a research paper, you will need to have a firm grip over the language. Having the services of a trained English teacher will give you the necessary English language skills to excel.

•    Better Opportunities For Jobs
Learning English at a good institution will open up a whole range of job prospects for you. It will add incredible value to your skillset. As most of the Multinationals value people who speak and understand English, it may be the skill that may land you the job you always wanted.

•    Better Communication
Having a firm grasp over English will make you a better communicator. Whether you are on job or in a university, it will help you convey your thoughts effectively.