Naomi Porter English Tutor

Helping student writing englishAs an experienced English tutor I provide a student-personlaised, focused and practical approach which is based on results. One of the first things I do when working with a private student for exam, GCSE or A-level is to identify their weaknesses and strengths so I can offer a bespoke English language tutoring package that will rapidly help them towards their goals. Using well-proven and well-researched teaching methods along with personally tailored tutoring materials I can help the student or professional attain success quickly.

I offer all tutees a combination of student centred approaches as well as learning and study skills, confidence building, examination techniques, self-reflection and evaluation of learning, stress management. Each student is supported and helped to reach their full potential. If wished, I can make up a learning/study plan and negotiate with the learner to ensure that the workload is balanced with the other subjects being studied at school/college/company.

English Business Tutor & Courses

If you require English language training that is truly focused on the particular needs of business, then you have come to the right place. As a professional English teacher with experience in tutoring and coaching business professionals I can offer intensive, dynamic and skills based business tuition services tailored to your individual needs.

Whatever your language or experience level, my objective is always the same: to give you the skills and confidence to use what you have learned immediately and effectively.

Homestay English Tutor Bournemouth

I provide a range of English Homestay tuition packages in Bournemouth that are friendly and informal. I provide a relaxed learning environment with individually tailored lessons that are imaginative and stimulating and will keep the student engaged and interested in the learning process. In addition to the improvement of the student’s English language I aim to give each one a wonderful experience of British culture with a variety of social activities that aid the overall learning and provide a safe, warm and enjoyable homestay experience.